Under the guidance of a Conservation and Science Advisory Panel, the Saint Brandon Conservation Trust has launched a range of goals, activities and frameworks to promote the responsible stewardship and good governance of the Cargados Carajos shoals. It includes an inaugural conservation officer programme and defines a Disaster Risk Management Plan (DRMP) for The Raphael Fishing Company, the Resident Fishing Company (”RFC”).

Our Vision

To guarantee the preservation of the ecosystem and biodiversity of the Cargados Carajos shoals to ensure the co-existence of stakeholders.

Our Mission

 Protect, Restore and Conserve

The Conservation Programme

The Programme establishes a presence in-situ for ecological monitoring and to support the rich biodiversity and endemism of the region.


Professor Anthony R. Martin

Professor Tony  Martin of the University of Dundee Centre for Remote Environments was in 2016 named as Conservationist of the Year by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) in recognition of his exceptional leadership of the world’s largest rodent eradication operation on the South Georgia Heritage Trust’s Habitat Restoration Project, which reversed two centuries of devastation caused by rats on the globally important seabird sanctuary in the South Atlantic.
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Dr Vikash Tataya

Dr Vikash Tatayah

Dr Vikash Tatayah, Conservation Director of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, has been in conservation since 1996. Vikash manages conservation programmes on Mauritius, Rodrigues and outer islands, allowing the recovery of a long list of threatened plants and animals. He played a key role during the Wakashio oil spill, championed the proclamation of the Mauritius Kestrel as the National Bird, and is collaborating on the de-extinction of the Dodo. Vikash has over 110 publications in peer-reviewed journals.
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Professor Henk Bouwman

Prof Hindrik Bouwman focuses on ecotoxicology of organic, inorganic, and plastics on earthworms, fish, humans, birds, crocodiles, dolphins, wasps, dragonflies, and coral reefs. He drafted and negotiated international policy for the Stockholm Convention on POPs. He has published 140+ scientific papers (6 on St Brandon). An algal species is named after him.
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Dr. Nik C. Cole

Dr. Nik Cole is the Islands Restoration Manager for Durrell and for the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.  In Mauritius, he has played a key role in saving endangered endemic reptiles, preventing species extinction and restoring island ecosystems on islands and islets over the last nineteen years.
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Dr. Bernardo Nascimento

Dr. Bernardo Nascimento

Dr. Bernardo Nascimento is a marine biologist and Head Curator at the Odysseo Oceanarium in Mauritius and is part of the team that originally designed the aquarium. He is responsible for new projects, new project funding, collection management (selection of species, transport, reception, acclimation, quarantine and introduction into the exhibition aquarium)
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Dr. Malcolm Nicoll

Dr. Malcolm Nicoll

Dr Malcolm Nicoll is a Senior Research Fellow at the Zoological Society of London’s Institute of Zoology, with >30 years’ experience exploring the ecology, conservation and management of island avian biodiversity.  Malcolm’s approach combines the research disciplines of population and movement ecology to identify threats, explore the effectiveness of conservation actions and provide guidance to inform management actions in both terrestrial and marine systems.
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Governance is a fundamental aspect of our organisation, responsible for ensuring progress towards the Trust’s Mission and the work of the Conservation Officer as well as providing effective checks and balances about how we make decisions and take action.

We have established clear, measurable goals, and through clear reporting and standards of good conduct we hold ourselves accountable for our activities and report progress to our partners and stakeholders.

Our governance credentials include:

  • Independent Trustees to ensure that the Trust’s objectives are being followed.
  • Conservation and Science Advisory Panel Independence – our Panel is comprised of independent Scientists with intimate knowledge of St. Brandon.
  • Our Conservation and Science Advisory Panel approves our activities in line with the Trust’s objectives.
  • Transparency and disclosure – our  Conservation and Science Advisory Panel and island-based conservation officer(s) provide regular information to stakeholders about the management of our donations and activities.

Engagement and Advocacy committee

  • Overseeing campaigns to inform and engage with the stakeholders
  • Advocating for engagement and establishing partnerships with relevant stakeholders

Funding committee

  • Oversight of fundraising strategies and activities which identify potential donors and grant opportunities.
JurisTax Ltd., is the qualified Trustee of the Saint Brandon Conservation Trust, being duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius under the laws of Mauritius and having its registered office at Level 3, Ebene House, Hotel Avenue, 33 Cybercity, Ebène, 72201, Mauritius.

JurisTax Ltd.

is the qualified Trustee of the Saint Brandon Conservation Trust, being duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius under the laws of Mauritius.