Together we can work towards the conservation of  St. Brandon’s  biodiversity to enhance its future sustainability.
Below are some of the ways you can get involved.


We offer volunteering opportunities as part of the Conservator Programme where you can get a hands-on experience of the work related to marine life. We offer accommodation and food for the time you are with us, as well as expert talks and insights to ensure you enjoy your time with us.

The programme includes activities such as:

Island cleanups, organising educational awareness campaigns, observing marine life and aiding in their conservation. Whatever activity is required, from cleaning up plastics to monitoring turtle nesting beaches, you will have a chance to learn about the unique ecosystem of the islands first-hand and you will be able to contribute to its conservation. Contact us!


We adhere to sustainable practices to ensure that your trip is both enjoyable and that it positively impacts the islands.

We offer volunteering opportunities on the Conservator Programme focused on our seabird observation programme. We provide you with food and accommodation for the time you are with us and you can get involved with the type of activity that’s best suited to you, as an individual.

You will have a chance to work with our experts on the ground and assist in the data collection for the conservation of the seabird populations, as well as visit sites at both inland and coastal locations, and when possible be involved in identifying and recording migrant shorebirds and counting breeding seabirds and nesting activity to monitor breeding success.

Don’t Hesitate.  Contact us!


We can offer interactive conservation workshops both online and in person, for training on how to raise awareness of specific island conservation challenges.

For in-person workshops, we work with various organisations in Mauritius and internationally to provide information, data, talks and practical tools to empower you, as an attendee, to act.

For online workshops, we can host webinars with experts in the field who will provide information and tools for everyone, wherever they are, whoever they are, to act within their communities and to spread the word. Contact us!


We want to offer everyone the opportunity to learn about the unique history, culture and biodiversity of the Cargados Carajos and to be able to share this information with the outside world.

We can offer, on request, various tools to complement your activities at school and to share with your classmates to showcase one of the conservation jewels of Mauritius.

Regardless of the type of visit you choose, we can provide information and materials and expert conservation staff, as well as local support and guides, to ensure you have the best possible experience in St. Brandon.

Academic Collaboration: beyond advocating for and teaching others about the unique history, culture and biodiversity of St. Brandon, we are committed to continuously updating scientific knowledge about the atoll and applying it to our conservation efforts. Contact us!


Get involved in policy advocacy by engaging with our public awareness campaigns. You can choose to sign a petition, support us online or become part of our activities through a partner organisation.

We have a range of resources, data and research which can help you organise your own tailored ‘awareness campaign’. These resources, data and research can be focused on the most pressing issues of the day using social media to engage with local, national and international authorities. We may also have other more specific insights of value as to how you can create momentum for furthering conservation efforts on St. Brandon.

Besides public awareness campaigns we are also deeply involved in collaborating with other conservation groups, NGOs and governmental bodies to strengthen our advocacy efforts and to advocate for stronger environmental legislation and enforcement on the Cargados Carajo Shoals. You can access the history of St. Brandon here and see our ongoing efforts to research the unique history and provenance of the Cargados Carajos shoals together with its many globally acknowledged conservation credentials since the 1960s. We were the first, at an international level, to have researched and discovered from where the appelationSt. Brandon‘ is derived and why the Portuguese called the shoals the ‘Cargados Carajos‘. Contact us!

We believe that conservation, like charity, begins at home and we can offer a list and practical tips for you to incorporate sustainable living into your everyday life,  either by reducing plastic waste, conserving water and energy or by changing the way you shop to support sustainable fishing practices.


Our founding partners are of critical importance to us not only because they contribute to our conservation efforts but because they espouse the conservation of St. Brandon for future generations of Mauritians. They create awareness of the challenges the fauna and flora of St. Brandon face today how they can be overcome. Contact us! to explore the possibility of a partnership.

Find out more details about our partner’s activities and how you can be involved here.

Your contribution – photos, family, friendship and funding

Non-financial contributions are incredibly valuable!

They can be as simple as sharing your St. Brandon thoughts with a wider global community online or uploading your photos and tagging us on Instagram or Facebook. It can involve gathering your friends and family to garner interest in helping conservation in St.Brandon or in volunteering a team of interns to clean up plastics on the atoll

We will also organise fundraising events to support our conservation programme and we welcome all and sundry to participate. Whether it’s a run, beach clean-up or an online campaign, you can really help Mauritius’ future legacy by getting involved..

You can also help St. Brandon by joining our remote Dream Team Advocacy unit. Contact Us!

Get Involved

Donating to St. Brandon is a tangible way to express your commitment to protecting these unique islands and their endemism. Your contribution, large or small, can make a substantial difference in the ongoing battle to safeguard the Saint Brandon Islands for generations to come. It’s an investment in the health of our planet and a demonstration of your dedication to preserving our natural world.