Our range of activities provides opportunities for the involvement of individuals in helping to achieve our aims.


Volunteering programmes: we offer an unpaid internship with the Conservator Programme where those interested can get hands-on experience in the work related to marine life by helping with everyday tasks on-the-ground.

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We support responsible eco-tourism practices and liaise with operators that adhere to sustainable practices.

We also offer internship volunteering opportunities with our seabird monitoring programme, where you can learn how our programme contributes to our overall conservation efforts.

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We run dedicated conservation programmes and workshops. People learn about small island biodiversity, take part interactive sessions and visit  the islands on location or online!

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We believe in advocating for stronger environmental protection and policies at local, national and international level. Our mission and the challenges we face require recognition and support from organisations like the United Nations, World Bank and International Development Agencies. We are working to advance the rightful designation of St Brandon as a Marine Protected Area and World Heritage Site as well as other safeguards.

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