We are committed to protecting and restoring the marine and terrestrial environments from negative human impact and invasive species.

Promote Marine Biodiversity

We are committed to creating a protection programme for sea turtle nesting beaches to protect, restore and conserve these species and their habitats.

Recognising the pivotal role of coral reefs in maintaining the health of the marine ecosystem, we are committed to reef protection through close collaboration with specialised national and international NGOs and experts to protect the reefs and to mitigate threats to these fragile ecosystems.

We have recently applied to become a Hope Spot – an initiative created by Mission Blue [Hope Spots – Mission Blue], that protects locations identified as critical to the health of the ocean. These Hope Spots are championed by local conservationists, supported by Mission Blue with communications, expeditions and scientific advice, to promote public support for a global network of marine protected areas.

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Promote Terrestrial Biodiversity

The islands are essential nesting sites for a multitude of seabird species. We are committed to seabird monitoring and the control and the eradication of invasive alien species from islands to ensure the preservation of thriving seabird colonies.

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In addition, we collaborate closely with the local community on the islands and encourage community participation in conservation initiatives.

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We are committed to raising awareness about the fragile ecosystems of the St. Brandon Islands and we will work with local communities, schools, universities and environmental activists to offer educational programmes that emphasise the importance of sustainable practices for the conservation of the ecosystems

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Advocacy and Policy Influence: we leverage our expertise, research and networks to advocate for appropriate protective conservation policies for St. Brandon at a local, national and international level. We engage with government bodies, policymakers and national and international conservation organisations to drive positive change for St. Brandon.

See how you can be involved in contributing to our goals through our activities.

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We are committed to actively cultivating partnerships with governments, NGOs, the private sector and all relevant stakeholders. We leverage collective expertise and resources to tackle the challenges the islands face and achieve our objectives with a sense of shared responsibility.

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Our work relies on external support and funding. We secure funds through grants and individual donations as well as through some of our partnerships, which ensures we can execute the vital initiatives the ecosystem at St. Brandon needs.

We also raise funds through commercial activities which are aligned with our goals and which meet our ethical standards.

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