The fragile ecosystem needs permanent care and surveillance and we face many challenges:

The challenges we face include : –

  • The remote location of St. Brandon,
  • The lack of effective protection for the area,
  • The ongoing pollution from existing shipwrecks,
  • Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Our aim is to protect and restore the ecosystem so that fauna and flora may be conserved and thrive, along with the resident fishing community.

To this end, an appropriately qualified in-situ conservation officer undertakes appropriate management actions and ecological monitoring to conserve the biodiversity of appropriate parts of the atoll. This focuses on the following key areas: –

Management of invasive alien species

  • Develop and execute an strategy for the eradication of rodents from three islands in the vicinity of Raphaël island.
  • Establish a monitoring program to determine eradication success and identify any reinvasion.
  • Establish effective biosecurity on the islands to limit future rodent incursions.

Establishment of effective quarantine protocols

  • Update existing quarantine protocols and awareness rules for visitors to minimise the arrival of invasive alien species.
  • Develop a process for monitoring and reporting of invasive alien species.
  • Enforcement activity through relevant authorities.

Seabird monitoring

  • Implement long-term seabird monitoring progressively amongst the shoals and islands.


  • Implement flora surveys.
  • Management of invasive flora.


  • To redefine the protection programme for nesting beaches of sea turtles.
  • To execute a protection programme to develop sanctuaries.

On-island support

The conservation team will make focused efforts :-

  • To reach out to fishermen, to the St. Brandon community and to visitors.
  • To support , instruct and assist all atoll visitors in protecting the atoll.

If you want to assist our operations with your voluntary work, our conservation programme is led by the Conservation and Science Advisory Panel and you should consult our activities page to see how you can be involved in the volunteering opportunities we offer. Alternatively, for additional information on how to get involved, or for any specific queries you might have, please contact us through our contact form.

Get Involved

Donating is a tangible way to express your commitment to the protection, restoration and conservation of these unique islands. Your contribution can make a substantial difference in the ongoing battle to safeguard St. Brandon for generations to come. It’s an investment in the health of our planet and a demonstration of your personal dedication to preserving our natural world.